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Lancasters provides clients with a comprehensive risk assessment service. This involves but is not limited to liasing with management, review and photograph the infrastructure/facility/building, review all standard operating procedures, emergency contingency planning and system manuals, and report on the findings. The reports are broken down in to what is current, weaknesses found, and advice how to rectify the weaknesses. We can provide assistance in the procurement of security products through a network of security product providers if requested. All security product providers are members of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited.

This provides clients with:

• Reduced risk
• OH&S compliance
• Duty of Care compliance
• Legal compliance
• Asset protection
• Staff protection
• Reduced operating costs
• Improved morale
• Staff/management security awareness

The reports cover but are not limited to:

• Access control
• Key areas
• Clear zones
• Facility hazards
• Building exteriors and interiors
• Facility, perimeter and Building personnel control
• Facility and perimeter vehicle control
• Physical perimeters
• Hazardous materials including storage and labelling
• Fire prevention and storage of materials
• Accident prevention
• Machinery, electrical and chemical hazards
• HVAC issues
• Pre employment screening
• Reporting security breach and theft
• Power supplies
• Lock and key control
• Office security
• Telephone and computer/IT security
• Pass security
• Vehicle parking
• Alarm and CCTV systems
• Security staff S.O.P’s
• Bomb threats and procedures
• Executive security
• Security training program

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