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Tactical Training

Now also available in Australia (Sydney area)

Tactical Training is now available in the Sydney area with the opening of a multi-room tactical training facility in conjunction with a multi-lane 25 meter live-fire range.  

Walls and doorways are moveable, various furniture items are available covering "ships underway and alongside", to offices, boardrooms to virtually any mock up of an internal area, making varied scenarios available.  

There is even a smoke generator for added realism. There are full briefing rooms, break-out areas and briefing equipment available.  

All tactical training of your staff can be videoed and a military SF or 'police' tactical team can be supplied to make the training even more realistic.  

Scenarios can include 'armed robberies', 'hostage recovery', 'search and seizure' or any scenario you consider necessary to improve training your staff.  Dry-fire or Simunition (to approved clients) with live fire training to your accredited armed staff.

Tactical clothing and equipment can also be supplied.

A DVD is available to interested parties.  Please contact the manager for more information or to purchase the DVD.

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