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Surveillance is recognised as being one of the most cost effective intelligence gathering tools available to gathering evidence during an investigation. Our surveillance teams have been sourced and trained mainly from government service, and then further trained by Lancasters to work together as a cohesive team or individually. Each operative is highly skilled and able to use all forms of surveillance technology. With operatives in each State and contacts overseas, surveillance operations can be mounted at very short notice for extended periods. Evidence is supplied by DVD, VHS tape, or photographic stills with a fully comprehensive report detailing activity. Video stills of relevant action throughout the surveillance period is inputted into the report. We retain a copy of the evidence in our secure storage area that complies with the Rules of Evidence and provide the agents who obtained the evidence for court hearings.

Lancasters have technologically advance equipment that has the capability to obtain video and email the video ‘live’ to a client. Lancasters utilises miniature pinhole surveillance body cameras in close contact covert operations. Lancasters can supply and install covert surveillance devices to investigate internal theft with view of the cameras possible offsite by using a laptop computer. Lancasters also has equipment that can obtain video of a target from over a kilometre away.

We can:

  • Provide surveillance teams or operatives
  • Provide advice on surveillance issues and devices
  • Provide and install covert surveillance devices


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