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Protecting your product and brand name in the marketplace

With opening trading markets around the world and the march to complete globalisation, brand fraud has increased dramatically. Trademark and product counterfeiters will target any product or brand that can make a quick profit. Lancasters has an investigations unit that specifically works in this area to defeat copyright infringements. This protects the product and at times more importantly the brand name from poor or even dangerous copies.

With strategic contacts in many South East Asian countries we are able to not just investigate the sale of the products and identify the distributors, we are able to track the products to where they are being manufactured.

By close liaison with client legal advisers and law enforcement bodies, such as the Australian Federal Police, using relevant court enforcement orders such as the Anton Pillar Order, Lancasters can seize counterfeit goods and evidence which assists in bringing the counterfeiters and their logistical agents to justice.

We can provide:

  • Test/trap purchasers
  • Monitoring and surveillance of targeted sales areas and distribution points
  • Background investigations into trading companies and individuals
  • Surveys to assess the scale of counterfeit product sales
  • Raids to seize counterfeit goods
  • International investigations to find the source of goods

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