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Allowing you to operate and minimise income loss

Lancasters is the leader in the field for assisting business and legal advisers during industrial disputes. We have obtained evidence of secondary picketing, violence, intimidation and obstruction that has assisted many clients to restrain unions and others from disrupting their businesses. Evidence has also been used to dismiss workers involved in violent picket lines.

Lancasters have been involved in almost all major industrial actions on the eastern seaboard of Australia for over a decade such as disputes involving Patrick Corp and P&O during the waterfront dispute, Fairfax Limited, Coca Cola, Linfox, and Saizeriya. We have provided covert surveillance teams to observe actions or individuals, infiltrated picket lines to identify ringleaders, provided protection teams, security and logistical advice to client management, personnel and their legal advisers.

We can provide:

  • Advice on logistical issues to ensure the facility can still operate
  • Monitor facilities, assets and equipment
  • Provide evidence from the frontline
  • Identify ringleaders
  • Conduct background intelligence on unions or individuals
  • Protect key people or assets
  • Crisis and contingency management

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