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October 2012

Robert Lancaster appeared on Channel 10 Breakfast Show and was interviewed about security related areas in the lead up to the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in Bali that killed 202 people.


May 2011

The prestigious Royal Commonwealth Society recently invited Robert Lancaster as the guest speaker for the Society's NSW Annual General Meeting on the 19th May held in Sydney.

Robert's speech titled 'Terrorism, an Australian perspective' was timely after the recent death of Bin Laden, the head of Al-Qaeda and recent terrorism related court cases in Australia.

Dear Robert,

Thank you for being our guest speaker at the Royal Commonwealth Society Luncheon, we were grateful that you were gracious enough to spare the time in you busy schedule. Our members enjoyed your informative talk and perhaps in the future you could speak to us again about the security of the country and the world.

David Beale
President The RCS NSW

"Your speech was one of the most well researched and presented speeches I have heard on terrorism"

Dr. A McGrath
OAM and holder of the Centenary Medal


February 2011


Lancasters Global Risk and Lancasters Investigations have moved to larger offices at Level 22, Tower Two Westfield, 101 Grafton Street, Bondi Junction.

With a larger boardroom with multimedia facilities, two meeting rooms, a larger reception and waiting room, and easier transport links with bus and rail within meters of the entrance to the tower and no less than five carpark in the local vicinity. Our new reception has great views out to Sydney Harbour and our friendly staff are at hand to assist you on arrival.


February 2010


Lancasters Global Risk CEO Robert Lancaster has appeared on Julie Singleton's Law Talk Show on 2UE Radio several times and provided information on Family Law investigations covering asset traces, background investigations and other relevant topics. He will be appearing on the show again in the near future.


Lancasters Global Risk CEO Robert Lancaster has appeared on the Sunrise Program on TV and gave an interview about electronic surveillance (bugging and debugging). He will be appearing on the show again in the near future to discuss other topics.


October 2008

Specialist Service

Crisis Management Plan implemented during an industrial dispute September 2008.

Lancasters assisted one of Australia's largest organisations by formulating their Crisis Management Plan covering scenarios that had the potential to disrupt the company. The plan was implemented during an industrial dispute. Part of the plan was for Lancasters to provide surveillance assets, both in the states of Victoria and New South Wales to cover any violence, secondary picketing or blockading of entry and exit points by picket lines that had the potential to quickly form; and also provide security assets to provide safety and security to management and staff who continued to work, and secure the company's assets.

Significant security assets were also placed on standby to ensure that product could move unhindered from all of the company's facilities in both states in the event that there were mass blockades during industrial negotiations. By implementing the Crisis Management Plan (CMP) and Site specific Facility Emergency Response Plans (FERP) the company ensured there was no disruption and no delays in getting time sensitive product to the market.

August 2008

Equipment Update

testing our new equipmentLancasters has invested a significant amount of expenditure on new surveillance equipment this month.  One item, used for long range surveillance is the latest Canon 500mm F4L IS USM lens mounted on the Canon XL 2 Hi resolution Camcorder mounted together with a 2 x converter, with built in image stabiliser. This is usually mounted on a Manfriedo Tripod either in a surveillance vehicle, or in a static covert O.P. in the field.

operative in camouflage testing equipmentOther equipment are our new covert cameras mounted in sunglasses that obtains covert video recorded via a mini MP4 recorder; a button camera; a camera with built in recorder in a pen; a camera with built in recorder in a packet of cigarettes; plus the latest commercially available generation of night vision binoculars.

Other compact camcorders with high range optics from 35-40 x optical zoom capability, with 2 x and 3 x converter lenses are being trailed at this time, with a view of purchasing a batch from either Sony, JVC or the Canon range of mini hard drive cameras.

Lancasters has also purchased a batch of new secure Digital Personal Radios with covert ear pieces and mikes to be used by the surveillance detachment and security personnel involved in Close Protection duties.

January 2008

Recommendation and praise

Recommendation and praise from major coporate client received by Lancasters.


Close Protection Results for November and December

A family was under a direct threat after an employee was sacked. Threats were made against the employer's manager and family. Lancasters had a team covering the family and also counter surveillance was carried out within hours of a request at a location on the Central Coast. Coverage was maintained for some time until the threat diminished.

Client's satisfaction with our service was expressed in this letter to us.


Leading US family visits Sydney for the New Year

Lancasters supplied a four man team to cover a leading US corporate identity's family while they were in Sydney over the New Year period. The covering US security team was also in attendance and both teams worked very well together.

Lancasters received very high praise from the US security team and everything went like clockwork.

October 2007

APEC Summit and Lancasters

Lancasters Global Risk and Lancasters Investigations were heavily involved in the APEC summit in Sydney during September. Security services included security surveys of buildings and facilities, route planning, vehicle search advisors, threat assessments of at risk entities, and the provision of security assets. Investigations involved conducting intelligence analysis of demonstration groups and targeted individuals. Extensive liaison with the NSW Police, government entities, business groups and clients.

Read the articleAn article about Lancasters Global Risk involvement with APEC is in the October issue of CIM magazine. To read the article click on the images please.


ClickAdditional articles have been published about and by Robert Lancaster including "Rural Surveillance - Specialised Techniques for Superior Results". Click the image to view it.


Security at Worley Parsons AGM

Lancasters Global Risk provided security to WorleyParsons AGM for the forth year running. Worleys is now the 30th largest listed company in Australia. They now have a worldwide presence in the energy sector and have shown significant growth over the past four years.

We received this comment from the Executive Assistant to the CEO who had management of the AGM... "Thank you and your team for the exceptional job you did at the AGM".

August 2007

CEO overseas

Our CEO Robert Lancaster attended the UK, France, Spain and several countries in South America throughout August to review and upgrade our contacts in these countries and assess security and investigative equipment. At the same time he attended the Graduation of his son at the Military Academy at Sandhurst, England where his son will join the British Army as an officer and carry on a tradition of over 300 years of the Lancasters family serving their country.

January 2007

New Vehicle Search Course

Robert Lancaster and staff designed and conducted a vehicle search techniques course for The Australian Customs Service which was held at HMAS Platypus in Sydney on the 14 and 15 December. Teams from Customs conducted searches on various vehicles containing firearms, explosives and inert IED's and narcotics. Various items of search equipment was used such as vehicle search mirrors, fibre optics, and an extendable search video system. An explosives search dog was also on call and was able to find firearms and explosives hidden in the vehicles.

Lancasters is currently providing security advice including Risk Assessments, crime assessments and security infrastructure design to Fairfax Limited and their architects Bates Smart during Fairfax's move to 1 Darling Island in Sydney. With the merged entities of Fairfax and Rural Press taking place in 2007, Fairfax will become the largest media company in Australia.

November 2006

New Training Available

Lancasters now has Tactical Training available with facilities and experience second to none. Please visit our INTERNATIONAL RISK section.

October 2006

ANLW Exhibition

Lancasters Global Risk has a stand at the Australian National Land Warfare exhibition and conference to be held in Brisbane Queensland on the 23-27 October 2006. Our CEO Robert Lancaster will be in attendance and will be available for discussions.

September 2006

Lancasters Global Risk was one of the sponsor/advertisers at the Australian Risk Management Summit held at the Sydney Convention Centre on the 19th and 20th of September. Risk Managers from government, national and multinationals attended.

Lancasters Global Risk has secured a contract for training the Australian Customs Service in a homeland security related area.

June 2006


Lancasters Global Risk provided advice to a number of NGO's and a media organisation re the security situation in East Timor. Security assets are on standby to assist in the event the security situation deteriorates or if an evacuation plan is implemented

June 2006


Lancasters Global Risk Group is part of joint tenders for the design and construction of Counter Terrorist and Emergency Response Training Facilities with ATSI. ATSI has designed and constructed CT training facilities for the Australian Defence Force, Australian Federal Police and several State Police forces as well as the new assault course, tunnelling system and other facilities at Duntroon (Australia's equivalent to West Point or Sandhurst) A DVD of the facilities and training systems is available to interested parties on request. Lancasters Global Risk have previously provided advice in the design and construction of the new $500mil ADF CT facilities being constructed in Sydney at this time.

May 2006


Lancasters Global Risk was one of the sponsor/advertisers at the conference. Our CEO Robert Lancaster had informal discussions on security during the event dinner with the Attorney General Phillip Ruddock, and many distinguished figures from several countries including the head of Maritime security of New Zealand, and a senior CT figure from Britain's Metropolitan Police.

May 2006


Investigations have been conducted for the NSW Police Force and Department of Corrective Services that have provided information that has saved substantial payouts in liability matters.

February 2006


Lancasters Global Risk provided extensive security and other assets during the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne to a number of clients before and during the Commonwealth Games


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